weekend adventure : Eaton Canyon

It still amazes us that  we live in a geography where there are mountains. From most anywhere in Pasadena you can see them looming behind buildings. As I bike to work in the morning, I see them in the distance. Sometimes it seems like a backdrop csuch as that  is just a movie set and if I would keep heading towards it I’d actually hit a mural. Never the less, they are very real, quite close and we have come to find there are a variety of hiking trails weaving throughout them to enjoy.

A few weekends ago we took a visit to the mountains nearest to us. We’ve hiked this particular area, called Eaton Canyon, before. On our first trek we ended up taking a trail that ended at a waterfall. The trail was woodsy and wove around a creek that eventually gave way to the waterfall.  It was fall then, so there were beautiful colors and the weather was cooler. It was an overall serene hike. However, on this particular day we decided to see what else the area had to offer. We chose a different route called the Cayote Canyon trail and got a very different experience. That weekend it was erratically warm and probably close to ninety degrees. The trail started out by weaving through the trees and we were thankful for the relief of intermittent patches of shade. Then, suddenly the path steeply inclined and was completely void of shade. It was warm–very, very warm–and although we were a sweaty mess by the time we reached the top, the view was beautiful. The mountain top overlooked Pasadena and out into another wall of distant mountains. We found a little patch of shade and took a lunch break. We were so content beneath the tiny branches, munching on our salads. Rested and energized we set out, back into the sun, and made a successful descent!


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