visitors in town : Dan & Josh

Spring Break 2012 has finally come to a close. Our last visitors, Dan and Josh passed through a few weeks ago and we had lots of fun adventures! Matt has become quite the professional tour guide after all these long weekends of sight-seeing. It’s been exciting to see so many new places with everyone. I can not believe just how big California is and that there are still so many things on my “to visit” list after all we have seen so far.

We spent the first day on a journey to Stone Brewery. Along the way we stopped in good ‘ol Temecula and pigged out on fancy sodas and BBQ. Once at Stone we met up with our Chicago pal, Lauren and walked around the brewery’s gardens before having dinner and beers. Afterwards Lauren took us to her favorite local spot, Peterson’s to get some yummy donuts and coffee to help keep us awake on our voyage back to Pasadena.

Our second day was spent perusing Silver Lake. We made a little homage to the Elliott Smith mural. Next we drove way up Mulholland drive to get Dan and Josh a view of LA and, of course, the Hollywood sign! We’d never seen it from this particular lookout spot before so it made the experience a little more new. We spent the evening at the LA County Museum of Art browsing the galleries. It was a much bigger campus than we knew, so we didn’t ge to cover much ground. But, that just gives us an excuse to return!

Dan had found a few art shows to check out, so we spent  the morning gallery hopping. This is something Matt and I hadn’t gotten much of a chance to do yet, so we were really excited to see what was going on around the city. Afterwards we headed to see the ocean and roam around Venice. We walked through the canals and ended up at the beach where the boys tried a little slack-lining. Hungry from a day full of adventure, we stopped for some fancy dogs at Wurstküche. (Yum!)

On the final day of our time together we headed off to China Town. (This was something on my “to visit”  list!) It was really colorful and little lanterns were strung between the buildings making it seem completely silly and magical. After wandering in and out of funny little shops packed with knick-knacks we headed to Handsome for a coffee break and to visit one of Matt’s former co-workers. He gave us a little tour of their roasting room and showed us the resident stuffed beaver. We had one final tourist moment and walked through Hollywood to show Dan and Josh the stars and Chineese Theatre … and the handfuls of awful tourist gift shops and hecklings to take bus tours. I have decided that is the my least favorite place to go. If the trashy glasses the boys found aren’t enough proof, Josh’s summation of his experience should be, “I hate it here in Hollywood. I feel like I’m in Disney Land. I’ll never bring my kids places like this. I’ll teach them to despise them.”


2 responses to “visitors in town : Dan & Josh

  1. Lorie Kascel

    Hey, you are all having too much fun!!! I’ll take a chai cola, please. Like the Hollywood comment 🙂

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