visitors in town : our sister, Molly

Our second visitor this spring was my sister, Molly. We were excited to be tour guides for her first visit to the West Coast. With our father joining us for the first few days of the visit, we started off with sight-seeing in Hollywood. As the day was beginning to turn, we headed up to the Griffith Observatory. Nestled atop the hills, the observatory  has one of the best views of the city and famous Hollywood sign. Catching both during sunset made for a wonderful end to the day.

It has been relatively cool here in LA so we were excited to have a warm day during Molly’s stay to spend ocean side! We spent the day at Venice Beach soaking up the afternoon sun and seeing the sights of the boardwalk. Before heading home for the day we stopped into a market  for some delicious  sandwiches.

On our third day together we spent the afternoon exploring the Silverlake neighborhood. Before long we were feeling pretty hungry and started to search for a lunch destination.  We came upon a little Mexican place and simply couldn’t resist. It was authentic, kitschy and quite delicious. Afterwards we wandered  in and out of the shops lining the street. A plant shop caught my eye and happened to have just the right little succulents for planters that have been hanging empty in our living room for too long. After a day of walking we were tired and hungry again, so we made our way back to Pasadena for some fancy ‘dogs!
Before we knew it, our trip was coming to a close. We took Molly out for one last view of the ocean, this time from Hermosa Beach. We braved a walk down the pier with the freezing wind blowing against us. Once we made it to the end we got a pretty awesome view of the beach, speckled with colorful houses. After making our way back we shared one last meal together over some delicious Umami burgers!


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