visitors in town : the [future] Barlichs

Whew! It has been quite a while since I’ve posted, here on PleasantInns. Fear not, it has been with good reason–visitors! We have had the pleasure of spending time with a variety of friends and family over the past few months. Not only has it been wonderful to soak up some quality time with farmilliar folks, but it has also given us opportunities to explore new places. Stay tuned as we share photos of these recent adventures in the next few posts.

Our first visit was a very unique one. Our Chicago pals, Laura and Anthony came out west to visit some friends in Hermosa Beach. While they were here, we got to spend a day with them and drive up the Malibu coast to Mattador Beach. There Anthony had special plans in store and Matt captured the evening by playing paparazzi. After taking in the beautiful scenery sunset hit and after finding a romantic spot … Anthony proposed! Laura said “Yes!” and the couple posed for some more pictures to remeber the moment by. We finished up the day with a delicious celebratory feast. It was such an honor to be a part of  this special event and quite the way to kick off a slew of visits!

Congratulations Anthony and Laura!


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