This past week Pasadena was hit by  a wild windstorm. No rain, snow or tornados accompanied the fury, like in the midwest, just viscious gusts of wind that reached 97 mph. The damage was an extraordinary sight to see as we weaved through debris littered streets. Initially, many roads were partially or completely closed off due to mounds of fallen branches and even entirely uprooted trees. Even today, a few days after the storm, the proof is everywhere as chainsaws buzz outside our window in a continual attempt to clear the sidewalks and roads. 200 homes damaged, 40 had to be evacuated.
Due to the damage, loss of electricity and the struggle to travel all schools were closed and even some effected businesses shut down for the rest of the week. Matt’s classes were cancelled for the week, but both of us were still forced to go to work. Shopping and coffee can not be stopped! (sigh)
Through it all we were very fortunate to remain safe, keep our power and have no damage to our apartment or car. I was feeling very thankful during my trip to the grocery store this morning as I overheard several people talking about all the food that they lost from the extended void of electricity. When checking out the clerk even told me that his electricity still was not on yet. Poor guy.
The images are from our immediate neighborhood (the first three are from our block). However, I found this collection of images created through submissions by residents. It certainly captures the breadth of the damage a bit more completely than our humble attempts.


2 responses to “windstruck

  1. danbradica

    LA hipster taking a picture of his fixed gear in front of the tree in the road, love it.

  2. i’m so glad you guys are safe!

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