weekend adventure : wayfarers chapel

We have been earnestly trying to take advantage of our new home by taking time during our weekends to explore! This weekend we traveled to San Pedro, a city on the coast just south of us. While we certainly got some beautiful views driving up the coast, the main reason for the journey was to visit Wayfarers Chapel. I had recently seen pictures of it and told Matt that we should go see it for ourselves sometime. We found that it wasn’t very far so we decided it would be a good way to spend part of our holiday weekend.
The chapel is a memorial to the theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, built in the fifties by Lloyd Wright (Frank’s son!). Nestled on a hill overlooking the coast, the views were pretty spectacular! The chapel is made mostly of glass and blends into the surrounding forest seamlessly. Standing inside, sunlight flooded the chapel creating playful shadows all over the cobblestones. The grounds also held beautiful gardens, a fountain and a walkway made of bricks dedicated by couples who were married at the chapel. After wandering about we had to make our way out as guests began to gather for a wedding. We headed down to the coast to soak up the last of the sun as it was beginning to set on our day, bringing a beautiful end to our weekend adventure.


2 responses to “weekend adventure : wayfarers chapel

  1. Emily

    Beautiful! Those bricks are fantastic.
    Glad you guys are adventuring!

  2. Rita Tinken

    Lovely!!! Looks like a great place & wonderful way to spend the day!

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