home sweet home

Welcome to the piece of Pasadena we now call our home! Our funny little apartment complex is certainly nothing fancy, but it’s location is a dream. We’re both able to bike to work and Matt to school. Not to mention all the necessities are so close–Trader Joe’s, Target, Chipotle–all within but a mile!An obvious bonus to our relocation is the difference in scenery. Palm trees abundantly line the roads and bushes decorate the town in full bloom. It has made our past few months very exciting and full of discovery. BUT, what really makes our location fabulous is the continual view of mountains! Yes, from our street we can see the Angeles mountains, friends! I remember when Matt called me from out here on his apartment hunt and told me, “I really think you’ll like it here–you can see the mountains.” Mountains, you say? That seemed too good to be true! Yet, there they stand–a breath-taking backdrop at the end of our street.

I can’t believe we’ve nearly been here three months already. Things are beginning to become fairly familiar, so I suppose that’s the first part of the transition into a new place feeling like home. Our apartment is ever so slowly starting to feel  settled into. For me, it cannot officially bear the title of “home” in my mind until everything is in its place and the decorating is complete. So, I am desperately trying to get things in order, one room at a time! Stay tuned for a series of posts to come that will serve to reveal our apartment’s interior and share some of the process.


2 responses to “home sweet home

  1. Emily

    I love this! I started a little late, but I just went through and read all your posts. I miss you guys.

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