road trip west – day three


By the final day of our trip we were both feeling pretty sore and exhausted from being cooped up in the truck. Anticipation to reach our destination managed to excite our sleepy bodies enough to get back on the road. Soon after we pulled out of Green River we began to see signs warning us that there would be no food or gas for the next one hundred miles. With a full tank of gas, cooler full of water and the last of our road snacks, we braved our way west into the desert. We began to approach huge rocks formed in such a way that they looked like stone waves. We drove higher and higher up the highway continually amazed by the scale of these mountains and the barrenness surrounding us. The warnings proved accurate–nothing was out here.
Eventually signs for scenic overlooks began to appear. After navigating the heights of these mountains, we had to take the chance to stop and take in the view. When we made it to the viewing area it felt like we were at the Grand Canyon. Neither of us having ever visited said canyon, we couldn’t imagine it out-doing this one. Surrounded by large stones and creepy trees that seemed like the set of an old-fashioned western, we took some time to explore and pose for pictures before continuing on.
As Utah gave way to Arizona I was surprised to see the desert morph into something completely different; the large rocks were replaced by flat, sprawling plains. Our entire trip was filled with beautiful scenery unique to each area we drove through. When I sat down to review the photos for these posts I expected that the images from Colorado would be the most breathtaking but, the photos simply did not do the grandeur of the mountains any justice. Instead, I was taken aback by the array of vibrant colors in some of these final desert shots! The greens, reds and yellows really pop against the bright blue sky.
Our drive through Arizona was short and before we knew it … we were crossing into California! Evening approached and were able to bear witness to an extraordinary sunset. The rainbow of colors that painted the sky were a perfect welcome to our new home.


4 responses to “road trip west – day three

  1. it IS frustrating that you can’t capture the beauty of mountains. but you did an awesome job with these deserts. i got a little scared reading about being 100 miles away from anything!

  2. WOW that blue sky is unbelievable!

  3. Rita Tinken

    The pictures are amazing… seeing you two!!!

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