road trip west – day two

You will see below that we couldn’t resist taking a few geeky shots at a tourist center before heading out of North Platte. I’m a sucker for some kitchy props! Once on the road, the plains rolled on for a while longer through the rest of Utah. Then, as we crossed into Colorado the flat expanses rolled into rocky hills that grew into gigantic mountains!  The rest of our day was spent winding through this rougher terrain and our poor little truck had trouble powering up the steep inclines. At several points Matt would put the pedal to the floor only to barely break 50 mph.  Our journey ended up tkaing us much longer than we had hoped but in the end I have to say that it made for some good laughs of disbelief as we putted along while traffic passed us by. 

In the afternoon we stopped for lunch in Denver. We ended up at Bang, a little resturant tucked away in the quaint Highland Square neighborhood. Mussels and ‘po boy sandwiches provided the energy we needed to carry on. Afterwards we stretched our legs by exploring the areas unique shops. Although both of us wished we could stay all day and wander, we surmised to the fact that our travels must continue. We shoved ourselves back into our truck and hit the road for the day’s destination : Green River, Utah. 


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